75 Years on 4 STrings

The authorized biography of François Rabbath. Written over a five-year period from extensive interviews with François and many others. Includes 16 pages of photos from his personal collection.

Frank Proto and François Rabbath, Paris, 1981
Frank Proto and François Rabbath, Paris, 1981

Hans Sturm with François Rabbath

Author Hans Sturm's relationship with François Rabbath dates back over 30 years. He learned about François while a student of Richard Davis at UW Madison in the 80s and purchased his first 3 methods and the Rabbath Plays Bach LP. After accepting a tenure-leading position at Ball State University, he heard one of his former students, Sandor Ostlund, perform the 4th Bach Suite at the 1999 ISB Convention. Hans began traveling to Paris regularly and, over a 10 year period, produced the award-winning Art of the Bow and Art of the Left Hand DVDs incorporating user-selectable camera angles and biomechanics animations. In 2021 Hans released Voyage, a CD of several of François' unaccompanied pieces, several of which had not been previously recorded and in 2022, after years of research and interviews, completed 75 Years on 4 Strings.

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